Aaron Massey

Actor - Filmmaker - Writer
Photographer - Editor
Composer - Wayfarer


A film by Aaron Massey

Love Squared the Series

A dramatic series
written and directed
by Aaron Massey


“I hate good taste. It's the worst thing that can happen to a creative person." -Helmut Newton


Content Developer

Aaron has created projects from the bottom up, including film, television, and web content.  His latest television series ‘Love Squared’ can now be seen online. 


Having worked mainly in Indie film (Alice D, Refuge From the Storm, Midnight Movie), Aaron continually seeks out performance in the Theatre, “where the spit flies”.


Aaron has written feature films, television pilots, a web series, and is currently developing a stage play. “Hemingway has a profound affect on me, so I write, almost to please him.”


Still imagery, particularly portraiture, is a passion of Aaron’s.  “There’s something very  intimate about freezing a moment in time.”